Thanks to the innovative, automatic, TRUBLUE TM securing system, you do not need any climbing experience to go climbing at the Clip ‘n Climb Parkstad. You simply ‘clip’ yourself on at the start of your challenge which allows you make a secure ascent. If you’ve had enough of climbing or reached the summit, you can use the TRUBLUE TM system to take you back down. That way you will have a soft landing on the specially designed floor. If you want, you can separate and play perch alongside the climbing wall and take a little break.

The TRUBLUE TM system has been specially designed for climbing. It complies with the highest international climbing standards and European safety requirements like ISO 17025 and the CE marking. All of our climbing walls are fitted with a security system which ensures that the climbers only begin when they have been properly clipped in. Indoor climbing has never been this easy and has never been more secure!

At the start of each climbing session, you will listen to an introductory talk on the Clip ‘n Climb wall, the technique, and on how to use the climbing materials safely. We will check to see if your harness fits correctly, show you how the carabiners work, explain the different safety checks you need to carry out while climbing, and screen a short film about climbing safety at Clip ‘n Climb. Only then will you be good to go!

To make each of the attractions as enjoyable and safe as possible, it is your responsibility to follow the instructions given by our fully trained climbing instructors and employees and to abide by the following safety rules and restrictions.

1. All climbers must be aged six or above, weigh at least ten kilograms, and be least 1.20 m tall.
2. All climbers must wear the designated coloured wristbands for each climbing round, before they enter the climbing arena.
3. All climbers must wear a Clip ’n Climb harness in the arena at all times.
4. All climbers must attend the safety instructions session held prior to the climbing session.
5. All climbers must be properly clicked in the automated securing system before they start their ascent.
6. Any climber younger than 13 years of age must always have their security line checked by an adult before they start to climb.
7. Parents must ensure that there is at least one adult supervising their children as they climb and while they use the Clip ‘n Climb facilities.
8. Climbers must always follow the safety rules and instructions given by Clip ‘n Climb employees.
9. Long hair must be pulled back, no jewellery is allowed, and glasses must be firmly in place.
10. All climbers must wear closed shoes and comfortable clothing.

1. Climbers are not allowed to eat, drink, or chew gum in the climbing arena.
2. Running, jumping, pushing, and shoving are not allowed in the climbing arena.
3. Climbers should not cling to or pull on the safety rope while climbing.
4. Climbers are not allowed to hold on to the climbing wall during descent.
5. Only one climber at a time is allowed on a given wall.
6. If you are pregnant, have a medical condition, or if you’re wearing a cast, then you are not allowed to go climbing.
7. Climbers are not allowed to wear dresses, skirts, sandals, flip flops, or high heels, nor are they allowed to go climbing in their bare feet.
8. Climbers are not allowed to consume alcohol prior to or during their climbing session. Entry may be refused for safety or security reasons.


  • Toilets (m/f)
  • Changing rooms with showers (m/f)
  • Lockers
  • Shoe racks
  • Free parking
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi


The only place to quench your thirst after an intensive climbing session, have a bite to eat and survey the Climbing Arena.



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